"Thousands of businesses are started by women each day, but the vast majority of them fail. Having a strong cash flow strategy backed by sound business processes is the key to success." - Camille Nisich, Business Consultant & Cash Flow Strategist


With 20+ years experience in Finance, Marketing and Operations, my style of consulting fits your needs to grow and sustain cash flow in your business

Social Business Development 

Double to triple your business using my

5 step CLOSE Method.

This method covers everything from finding and scaling capital in your business and targeting buyer personas in social media to operations and creating the partnerships that drive your business forward.

I dig deep into your business and ask you the tough questions that push you to achieve the bottom-line results you desire.

Cash Flow Strategy

Making a sale requires that you understand what makes your customers tick, why they buy, what help they want (and need) and how to conduct sales conversations that create value for clients and cash flow growth for your business. 

I can help you build a solid cash flow strategy that pushes you well past where most businesses fail.

Hero Networking

Referrals, partnerships and sales happen when one individual decides they want to be a hero to another. Being a part of a Hero Network means surround yourself with women you're deeply connected to, who hold you accountable to adopt habits that nurture the whole you, as well as your business, and happily refer you to people they know and care about.

Why search for angels when you can build a network of heroes to help you fund and achieve your mission?

What my clients say

Working with Camille has been a real pleasure. She makes herself part of your company. The first thing that we experienced when Camille came in, is she just kind of jumped right into it asking us lots of questions about our business. She's got an incredible attention to detail and she's very thorough. She's also very, very analytical, so we understand what she's doing and what we expect to happen in the future.

Jeff Goronkin

CEO | Urban Co-works

What my clients say

I’m one of those rare millennials that knows basically nothing about the complicated dynamics behind getting seen on social media. Camille was incredibly patient, kind, and helpful when it came to teaching me the basics and ensuring that I had the best possible runway for my business to take off! She also has been so helpful in checking in on me and offering little tips and following up on the progress I’ve made. In three months, my business has grown tremendously. I sold out of holiday commissions and my Instagram followers have grown 5x! If you use the tools Camille offers you, you can’t lose!

Liv Losee-Unger

Founder | Pawtraits by Liv

What my clients say

Prior to working with Camille, I was in my own head, doubting myself quite a bit while I trudged along as a solopreneur. In our first meeting, Camille's positivity and and understanding of how to move my business forward instantly brought about confidence. Camille cleared the path toward launching my educational product while helping me create momentum and clarity in my work. I was able to make promotional videos, something I had been strongly avoiding for some time. I began to open up to much larger possibilities while also becoming much more grounded in the steps it will take to get there. Camille knows exactly what she is doing with social media and brand awareness, and is generous, humorous and kind in her approach. It made marketing something I began to look forward to because she gets results!

Alixandra Foisy

Psychotherapist & Intentional Aging Educator | AlixandraFoisy.com

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