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Running a startup or scale-up is tough. Grow customers. Manage a team. Chase recurring revenue. There is huge risk at every turn. When tech startups fail, we all lose. Technology that can advance human progress goes to the boneyard, along with jobs, impact and the chance to create a redefine the future.

You have to move fast to compete, but poor cash management along the way is a recipe for disaster. What if your financial processes fail you? If the numbers you share with investors or lenders are wrong, you lose access to capital when you need it most. I understand what it's like to have to manage competing priorities and data to deliver results. As your advisor, I provide expertise you don't have within your team and help you make decisions that stop cash from leaking out of your business and put those resources to work, so you grow profitably while solving real problems.

You are an innovator. Grow cash to grow your impact.

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Big Tech Operator Turned Advisor, Investor and Executive Coach

I show Tech sector scale-ups how to increase positive cash flow, maximize momentum and profits and prepare for their diea payout on exit.
I spent 18 years turning Dell Technologies into what it is today, while developing deep expertise across finance, operations and marketing.
To date, I have delivered over $100 million in cost savings and $1 billion in sales pipeline to high-growth businesses.
I scale those strategies to help my clients and strategic partners win. Just imagine me doing the same for your business.

How Your Business Will Generate Cash

  • I find weak points where you're wasting money
  • I identify gaps and align priorities to extend cash reserves
  • I help you implement a plan to drive profitable growth