A Sunrise Super Soul Yoga Session with Camille Nisich

by Oprah Winfrey

In all my years interviewing people, from world leaders to pop icons, I have never agreed to meet an interview subject for a sunrise yoga session on the beach to kick off our interview. That’s just not my style, well, until now.

It seemed almost incongruent that Camille Nisich, a world-renowned stress and sleep coach and creator of the wildly popular Sleep to Succeed Series, would set a 5:15 a.m. meeting time. I mean, who in their right mind would set such an important meeting that early, right? Well, that’s exactly what she did. Spend just a few moments with Camille and you’ll realize she is a fanatical early-to-bed, early-to-rise proponent and breaks all sorts of stereo-typical expectations.

We met at a beautiful stretch of beach near Camille’s, Virginia Beach home in the coastal community of Sandbridge. As I pull in with my bleary eyes and my crew, Camille is waiting for me with a bright smile and an excited wave. She’s wearing black flip-flops, a white cotton cover-up and beneath it I see her lean and strong 49 year old body in a green bikini. It’s a body many 20 somethings would die for, but she uses it exude confidence more than to make anyone she encounters feel less than. Her signature long Sisterlocks are piled atop her head with a lovely band to keep them neat and tidy. She is a relatively short woman, but the energy beaming from her makes her seem much taller than her actual size.

As we get set up, Camille chats easily with me, as if she’s known me forever and, of course, asks me about my sleep habits. Mats in place. Anointed with the essential oils that have helped create Camille’s empire, we begin a slow flowing yoga session just as the sun begins to peak up over the Atlantic. It’s a lovely session and so powerful – the movements, the ocean, the warm July sun that reaches just the right point in time for a toasty savasana, but more importantly the words Camille chooses to guide the final relaxation. She asks me, the crew members she has invited to join us and the neighbors who have trickled up to our sandy spot to inhale the wild orange oil she has given us and embrace abundance as our birthright. She comes to each one of us and gives us a gentle head massage and asks us to picture what we want more of in our lives. Camille should know. She has embraced the concept of visualizing the abundance she desires and it has created a life that has unfolded just as she manifested it.

The Interview

What has inspired you to show up to serve the world the way that you do?

I had many loved ones pass early on in my life, most impactfully my mother about a month after my 16th birthday. I developed a way to use mental practices to cope and excel. Later in life, when I started to look at how corporate life affected myself and my colleagues and I thought back to what must have caused my mother’s early death at 49, I discovered the link between sleep, stress and habits. I determined that if I could help people find solutions in natural medicine and customized mind-body practices, beginning with restorative sleep, I could literally save lives.

How did you come up with the Sleep to Succeed Series?

Through my research and my own practice, I knew the power of the mind to be used for what I call ‘good or evil’ and that more often than not, those ‘evil’ choices or mental tapes get amplified when a person isn’t sleeping well. I also understood that while most people need to do work in the mental-emotional realm, they aren’t immediately open to it, and you need to approach them with something that is more palatable. The sneaky part is that in Sleep to Slimdown™, Sleep to Sell™ and Sleep to Succeed™, I really work on those mental-emotional aspects under the umbrella of improved sleep. Ultimately, it’s about giving your brain the right environment to meet its amazing potential and then doing the work to attract and achieve what you want.

So you’re a student of the Law of Attraction?

Yes, and specifically the original, as laid out in the Master Key System and the Master Key Experience. For years, I had all of the elements of what I wanted to do to serve the world, but the Master Keys helped me to establish the right habits so I could use my subconscious mind to figure out how to do what I wanted to do and bring all into reality on a large scale. I manifested this abundant life I have, how I serve, this beautiful place where I live and the time I get to dedicate to my family, friends and clients. It was all part of the vision I held and still hold.

What is your specific goal for serving others?

To impact the lives of 7 million people and help them create what I call “less stress lifestyles”. I don’t have to work with them all directly, I just create the space and content, and then find the right business partners to help me with the mission. Stress is an epidemic and it claims thousands of lives daily. When you dig into the causes of most chronic illnesses, drug addiction and the spectrum of mental disorders, some sort of stress is at the root of them all. I wanted to be able to reach people in a variety of ways with a variety of tools, but better sleep and tools to achieve an overall reduction in the length and severity of a stressor are woven into everything I do.

So your goal to serve millions makes you millions?


Do you tend to work with women or men?

I do a lot of my work online and less and less one-on-one, because that’s how I wanted to design my life. I wanted time freedom and autonomy despite wanting to serve on a large scale. I find that I work with more women in settings that play out over longer periods of time, and my team is mostly women, but I have a lot of male clients, too. I just get men. I love sports, good beer, motorcycling and golfing, so I have a lot of natural ways to strike up conversations with men, either online or in person. Once it clicks, my male clients tend get what they need, implement it quickly and take off. With my female clients, it’s more longer term relationships. So, I have a good mix of both, I just serve them in slightly different ways. I get a faster result with men, but I get closer to my sisters.

Why did you pick Virginia Beach as the place for your manifested dream home?

I grew up in Virginia Beach. I got married on Virginia Beach, but I never felt like I got to do life here the way I wanted to. I moved away for many years, but always held it in my heart. I wanted to come back in my own triumphant way, complete some circles, show our kids what an amazing place it is and be close to the ocean.

What is the secret to a happy life?

Having the time to do your best work, the ability to nurture the relationships that matter most and the abundance that is your birthright, however YOU define it.

What is your personal prayer?

Lord, help me love more.

What do you know for sure?

That there is a beautiful place inside each of us where we are whole and loved and healthy and happy, and we make the rules. With proper practice, we can go there any time we want and find instant equilibrium.