How to make lasting change

Week 16 MKE – Making Scroll IV My Own

There’s a funny thing that happens the second week after starting a new Scroll from the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. You hit your stride with the 3 reads a day and suddenly you almost find yourself looking forward to passages of it. In Week 16 of the Master Key Experience, that happened…

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New Years Resolutions and Repetitions

Week 15 MKE – Repetitions Matter

Week 15 of Master Key Experience was one with of many new discoveries. A new year, a new Scroll from The Greatest Salesman in the World and a new Master Key System lesson. The combinations of all of the “new” things brought me to the conclusion that in this journey we’re on, repetitions really matter.…

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Persistence, goals, goal setting

Week 14 MKE – Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try

Week 14 of the Master Key Experience meant an “off” week from our usual Sunday webinar and mastermind, but it did NOT mean an off week from a new Master Key lesson and more wisdom to take us closer to our goals. One of the assignments this week was to watch one of a handful…

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Follow your bliss and find your light

Week 13 MKE – You Are The Light

Week 13 of the Master Key Experience included quite the revelation. I felt like a slow starter at first when it came to the activities and the understanding of the lesson, but eventually I came to an amazing discovery. Watch this week’s video for more:   Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever…

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Knowledge, Courage, Faith

Week 12 MKE – Concentrating on Knowledge, Courage and Faith

Week 12 of the Master Key Experience went by in a flash. With the hustle of the holidays, busy work days and customers to connect with, I felt like it was a whirlwind of a week. The one thing that kept be grounded was the insight in the Master Key System lesson and sitting practice this…

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How to have mindful meals

How To Have A Mindful Drink And Keep The Stress Triggers At Bay

Have you ever gone through your day mentally beating yourself over something you did, didn’t do or should have done? If so, you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s easy to slip into a mode of saying not-so-nice things to ourselves. Our practice for Week 4 of the Joyful Mind Series will give you an alternative and…

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Everything Starts With A Thought

Week 11 MKE – Everything Starts With A Thought

For Week 11 of the Master Key Experience, I decided to really focus and meditate on a particular passage from the Master Key Lesson. It goes like this: I found this passage to be so very relevant to all that I am doing in this course. Harnessing thought, directing it and using it to create…

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5 Minute Mindfulness Body Scan

How To Do A 5 Minute Body Scan For Greater Awareness

It’s Week 3 of the Joyful Mind Series and this time we’re using a 5 minute body scan to cultivate awareness and bring ourselves into a more joyful mindset. If you’re not familiar with body scans, they are all about checking in with yourself and having an awareness of what you feel in your body.…

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Surviving Through Struggle

Week 10 MKE – Can I Make It Without A Struggle?

It’s Week 10 of the Master Key Experience, and I’m just going to be honest. I’ve had difficulty meeting all of my requirements this week. Work impacted my midday routine and I missed a few midday reads. My bedtime routine has been erratic.I’m not yet completing all of the items on my plan of action.…

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Mindfulness of Pulse for Blood Pressure Reduction

How To Use Your Heart To Help With Mindfulness

One of the most common challenges in starting and sustaining a mindfulness meditation practice is taming a wandering mind. Honestly, that shouldn’t be your focus. The reality is, unless you’re seasoned at meditation, your mind is going to wander. The key is to continue to practice bring it back to your focal point or anchor.…

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