10 Ways to Stop Procrastination

Week 21 MKE – 10 Ways to Avoid the Fury Killers of Time

Week 21 of the Master Key Experience was full of mind-blowing lessons! The webinar class was shockingly enlightening, and I felt it was time to really dig into a piece of Scroll V of The Greatest Salesman In The World – especially since it’s the last full week of this Scroll. I tend to be…

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How to use fear

Week 20 MKE – How To Use Fear

Have you ever wondered how to use fear or other negative emotions to make a positive change in your life? It may seem like a strange concept, but that’s exactly what we were taught to do in Week 20 of the Master Key Experience. We’ve all probably had a time where we’ve used anger as…

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Follow Your Bliss

Week 19 MKE – Finding Joe and Answering the Call

Week 19 was another break week of the Master Key Experience where we don’t have our regular Sunday webinar, but there was still ample time to connect with Mastermind partners and dig deeper into the courage it takes to really take hold of the life I want. As was the case during the last course…

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Beautiful obituaries and what they teach us

Week 18 MKE – The Lessons of Beautiful Words Most Will Never Read

By somewhere into the second month of the Master Key Experience, it’s abundantly clear that Mark has motives for every element of the course. Week 18 was absolutely no exception. There were many “wow” moments that started in the Sunday webinar and flowed right through the full week – the importance of happiness now and…

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Less Stress Life Lessons

Week 17 MKE Hero’s Journey – Lessons In Unexpected Places

Have you ever thought something was a step in the right direction only to find it wasn’t? Did you learn a valuable lesson about yourself? Could you see the courage in yourself despite the fear to act in alignment with your heart’s desires? In Week 17 of the Master Key Experience – Hero’s Journey we…

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How to be happy now

Week 17 MKE – Give Yourself Permission to Be Happy NOW

Have you ever thought about what makes you happy? I mean truly happy. Not just a passing thought of happiness or what’s supposed to make you happy, but what happiness means to YOU. And do you revisit those thoughts on a regular basis with focus and concentration? This week in the Master Key Experience, we…

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How to make lasting change

Week 16 MKE – Making Scroll IV My Own

There’s a funny thing that happens the second week after starting a new Scroll from the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. You hit your stride with the 3 reads a day and suddenly you almost find yourself looking forward to passages of it. In Week 16 of the Master Key Experience, that happened…

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New Years Resolutions and Repetitions

Week 15 MKE – Repetitions Matter

Week 15 of Master Key Experience was one with of many new discoveries. A new year, a new Scroll from The Greatest Salesman in the World and a new Master Key System lesson. The combinations of all of the “new” things brought me to the conclusion that in this journey we’re on, repetitions really matter.…

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Persistence, goals, goal setting

Week 14 MKE – Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try

Week 14 of the Master Key Experience meant an “off” week from our usual Sunday webinar and mastermind, but it did NOT mean an off week from a new Master Key lesson and more wisdom to take us closer to our goals. One of the assignments this week was to watch one of a handful…

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Follow your bliss and find your light

Week 13 MKE – You Are The Light

Week 13 of the Master Key Experience included quite the revelation. I felt like a slow starter at first when it came to the activities and the understanding of the lesson, but eventually I came to an amazing discovery. Watch this week’s video for more:   Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever…

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