Hi, Lovely! Camille Nisich here!

Yes, that’s you I’m talking to. You ARE lovely and if you’re looking for ways to live a life with less stress, you’re in the right place.

This site is not about cookie-cutter stress management tips. It’s about YOUR unique circumstances and needs as a parent, entrepreneur, corporate titan or all around amazing individual. It’s about getting down into the muck of your life and coming out calm, confident and capable.

A little about me... Like every other would-be entrepreneur, I read The 4-Hour Work Week and caught the vision of a location independent way to serve at scale. For me, that was back in late 2007 and then I promptly got pregnant with my first child - a feat that actually required the analytical mind and spreadsheet skills I learned while getting my MBA, only applied to conception. So, needless to say, the vision was put on hold while I continued with my corporate job and rode the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy and new parenthood. After my son was born, I became the typical corporate mom juggling time with my baby, day care drop-off, meetings, breast pumps, Powerpoint presentations and meal prep, just trying to keep all the balls in the air. And 17 months after my son was born, we welcomed our daughter.

Through all of those years of life changes, I never lost my entrepreneurial vision. But the question was always, 'What business would I start?' How could I go about sharing my unique skills to serve others in the way to make my and their dreams come true?

Enter Marie Forleo's B-School and the pre-work for the course, called 'Start the Right Business'. An exercise that took me backward so I could go forward. In my life, I have a experienced a great deal of loss.

The loss of a brother and my mother at a young age. The loss of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could have dramatically changed the course of my career. The loss of way too many loved ones who attended my wedding not that long ago. And I discovered, that at the root of all of that loss is some form of stress.

From those early losses, I actually taught myself how to meditate as well as use visualization as a way to cope, heal and excel.

I learned that there is a place within where you can tap into limitless positivity and possibility. Where you can experience self-care at a profound level. And from that place, you can manage your moods and reactions to stress. From that place, you start to manage the impact of stress on your relationships, your physical and emotional health, and ultimately you can change your life and the lives of others.

So instead of staying sad or getting angry, I decided to get busy. Boom! I had it. The way I was meant serve others and build a business I could be proud of.

Now I teach people what I have learned and studied about stress and how create what I call a 'less stress lifestyle' that is built upon six pillars - Daily Mind Gym, Restorative Sleep, Movement and Mobility, Natural Wellness, Productivity and Lifehacks and Entrepreneurship. Because those six pillars encompass the primary stressors my clients encounter.

I know your struggles because I've lived them. I know you want to start each morning refreshed and ready for anything, move through your day with laser focus on what is important in each moment and go to bed knowing you crushed it at work and connected deeply at home.

Right now you’re ready to take real care of your body, mind and spirit, teach your kids the skills that truly matter and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

But the challenge is you’re over-worked, running from activity to activity and juggling everything from laundry and meals to half-done projects. You can’t even remember the last time you truly did anything for yourself or maybe you can’t get your head around how you can stop just treading water and really move toward your goals.

I’m an MBA with over 17 years experience in the Tech industry. I’m also a certified stress management and sleep science coach, a wellness educator, a registered yoga teacher and the creator of Daily Mind Gym (TM).

I can help you build a toolkit of skills to escape the rat race, improve your health, increase family time and fund your BIG dreams.

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