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3 Ways To Relax A Racing Mind And Wind Down For Sleep

One of the top sleep questions I get from my clients is, “How can I stop my mind from racing when trying to fall asleep?” And I hear it from everyone from EMTs to corporate types and freelance artists. What I find really fun about coming up with sleep solutions is how often the seemingly simple solutions can deliver the best results.

In the digital world we live in, people do much better switching off their racing mind by switching off their devices and choosing more ‘analog’ ways to wind down. These solutions are better for your circadian rhythm and help put you back in touch with yourself after a day spent giving of yourself to support others.

3 Ways to Wind Down for Sleep

I recently shared ‘3 Ways to Wind Down for Sleep’ on a live broadcast that you can watch below, but I’ll also briefly list them.

  1. Journaling – a fun and quick way to capture thoughts or gratitude
  2. Reading – the good old-fashioned paper kind of reading
  3. Coloring – dust off those crayons and colored-pencils and start creating

Watch the video now for more details on how to use these 3 tips to stop your racing mind. You’ll be sleeping better and deeper in no time and may even have some creativity to show off to your friends.

Bonus Tip: Bedtime Affirmations

Not convinced that journaling, reading or coloring will do the trick for you? Why not try bedtime affirmations? One of the best ways to switch your thinking patterns is to say something positive to yourself, and bedtime affirmations are a great way to get those positive messages in. Affirmations can set you up for better dreams and even problem-solving while you sleep.

Try making a positive phrase about something you achieved during your day, no matter how small. You can even try a phrase like, “I am enough.” Repeat the phrase. Really hear it and believe it. Let it turn off the thoughts you were having and turn on some feel-good sensations.

What you say to yourself matters, especially at bedtime.Click To Tweet Bedtime Affirmations

Now, I want to hear from you. Which strategy will you try first to stop your racing mind at night and prepare for sleep? Let me know in the comments below.